Interesting Links

Know of any interesting sites ? Send me the URL and a description and I'll post it here.


Hollow Men

Ain't No Freak'n Bond

Amazing DUI Stop

Richard Simmons on Whose Line is it Anyway

DeNiro on SNL

End of the World

A funny cartoon, love the accent.

Unbelievable Robot Dancer

Musical Juggling

Radio Call Gone Wrong

This one isn't for the kiddies.

Pretty Self Explanatory

This is *about* the kiddies!

True Canadian

Voice only from a radio show.

Beer Commercial

Door Joke

Fluffy the Cat

Robin Williams on golf

From one of Robins HBO presentations so all language is uncensored.

The Darwin Awards

A synonym for "thinning the herd" or "cleansing the gene pool". Really bizarre real life stories.

The Daily Shark

Interesting tech stories, many exercising the 'Dilbert Principle'.