Wow! Thanks for the terrific response! Thank you to all who have responded to the notice of our 40th Anniversary Reunion Celebration for the Dorval Class of 1973. You know who you are! This email will update you since the last official correspondence with exact locations and times. Within the next day or two we'll be sending out a list of who's coming! We'll also be sending out our "missing persons" list. We've found lots of folks! And, get ready, we're going to send out a list of people who just can't commit. You know who you are too. We've reached them, but are not hearing back. Want to keep your name off that list? Then respond quickly!




If you've already confirmed your attendance, great, especially if you've sent an email to Mona. But if you've only spoken with Anita on the phone and told her yes, or, if you've only said "maybe," or "I'll think about it," Mona needs to receive an email from you to confirm your attendance. Please don't leave your decision to the last minute. We may not have room for you at the dinner or brunch, or hotel. And to be polite to our friendly hosts at Le Manoir, we should tell them how many people we expect. Our block of hotel rooms is filling up so fast, we had to add more rooms, and may need to add more so need to know quickly if this will be the case.



If you've already sent your RSVP or confirmation of attendance telling me which events you plan to attend, skip this part, but read on for new information as to times and locations. If you haven't yet let me know, because space is limited, I need to know NOW:

Which events will you be attending?

1. Friday Night Pub Night
2. Saturday Dinner and Dance
3. Sunday Brunch
4. Will you be staying at the hotel?
5. Will you be one person, two, or more?
6. Will you require accommodations at the hotel? Which nights?
7. What name is to be on your name tag? If you're bringing someone, what should be on his or her name tag?
7. Are you not attending anything? Let us know so we may make space for others.



Although this reunion is in honour of the Class of 1973, all are welcome to attend. Everyone's invited to any and all of our events! No matter what year, and whether you graduated or not, if you ever attended Dorval High, you are more than welcome to join us!



Date: Friday, August 30th

Location: Brasserie Le Manoir
Address: 600 Blvd. Saint Jean, Pointe Claire
Time: 6:30 pm....
Food available c.o.d.
Dress: Casual


Possible players for the touch football game on the Saturday afternoon?


Date: Saturday, August 31st
Location: Dorval High School
Address: 1350 Carson Ave., Dorval
Time: 12:00 noon (exact times for each event t.b.a.)
Dress: Casual

If you'd like to volunteer to organize the Touch Football Game, let us know. We need your help for this one.



Date: Saturday, August 31st
Location: Restaurant Natalino
Address: 365 Lakeshore Drive, Dorval
Cocktails/Meet and Greet: 6:30 pm
Dinner: 7:30 pm
Dance: After dinner
Cost: Very reasonable.
Music: 1969-1973
Dress: Dressy, not formal, but you know....no shorts, no jeans.


Date: Sunday, September 1st
Location: Chateau Dorval Restaurant
Address: 735 Lakeshore Drive, Dorval
Time: 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM
Dress: Casual



For those not staying with friends or relatives, we have a block of rooms at a great group rate. Even if you're paying with a point system, or your corporate account, you are still part of the group.

Book your own reservation, but you MUST quote that you are with the:

Sheraton Montreal Airport Hotel
555 Boulevard McMillan
Dorval, Quebec H9P 1B7
Tel: (514) 631-2411 OR 1-877-508-0170
Sheraton Group Manager: Alex Mongeon

Website: http://www.starwoodhotels.com/sheraton/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=3639

We ask about your hotel plans as by keeping track of how many room nights we use, we negotiate our group discount. The hotel informs me they're filling up. We've already had to add rooms to our block. If you plan on staying at the hotel, reserve quickly and let me know so I may ensure we have enough rooms.

The hotel has a great half indoor/half outdoor pool, 2 acres of grounds inside the circular shaped building, restaurants, bar, and gym.


Don't forget to wear your old DHS purple and gold official school sweater, your class ring, old DHS Winter Carnival buttons, and bring your old yearbooks, old photos, and all that stuff!


Any questions or requests for more information, just email me (monamcc@mts.net).

Thanks from Mona and Anita.

Mona McClintock, LGDC
(204) 452-6159 - home/office
(monamcc@mts.net - email



Well, it's on! It's happening! The Dorval High School, Class of 1973 is having its 40th Anniversary Reunion, this Labour Day weekend, in Dorval (Montreal). Please don't spend the rest of your life thinking, "Maybe I should have gone." The 40th Anniversary is only going to come around once. It will be a full weekend of events. Come to all, come to just one, but come!

As we are still searching for many people, you may get notices more than once as we update out main mailing list. Organizing for this began long ago, but some people then get busy, or disappear. I began taking over this project, but unfortunately spent most of the winter ill. But I'm fine now, and have some good help. Anita Porietis-Bedard is also at the helm. We are being helped also by Astrid Eyrauch. We will be looking for more volunteers and there is more information about that below.

Here are the details, as they stand so far:

Events are open to all (see below), and no advance registration fees are necessary. For each event, individuals will be responsible for their own tabs. But to help the organizers, we MUST know how many are coming to each event, and who is booking hotel accommodations. This is so we can book and provide the right type of venue for the size of the crowd, and Mona needs to keep the hotel informed as to how many rooms we are using to get the discount (even though you are asked to make your own hotel reservations). You can attend everything, or just the dinner and dance. Or just Pub Night. Your choice. So, please email Mona McClintock (monamcc@mts.net) and let her know which of these events you will be attending:

1. Friday Night Pub Night
2. Saturday Dinner and Dance
3. Sunday Brunch
4. Will you be staying at the hotel?

If you're not attending ANY reunion activities, please email Mona (monamcc@mts.net) anyway. We need to at least know we reached you, and check you off our master list one way or the other!

Contact People:
This list will grow, we hope, but so far your main contact people are:
Mona McClintock, phone 204.452.6159, email monamcc@mts.net (Winnipeg)
Anita Porietis-Bedard, email: anita_p_b@hotmail.com (Pointe Claire)
Astrid Eyrauch, email aeyrauch@schluter.com (Montreal)

We need people to help with lots of things, such as tracking down classmates we haven't yet found, looking after the Saturday night music (Mona already has the CDs - hundreds of songs), and other things that will come up. Please, in your R.S.V.P. let us know if you're willing to help out. We can send you a list of the missing people. Maybe you're in already in contact with some of them and we don't know? We'd also like someone to put together a website, primarily so people can post their pictures or videos after the reunion for all to see.

If you'd like to get up and say a few words, we're looking for people to briefly speak and share their stories and memories. We already have our two Keynote speakers lined up.

Dates: Events will take place from Friday, August 30th to Sunday, September 1st, inclusive. If you're coming from out of town (and many are), book your travel now!

Open to All:
These events will be open to everyone who attended Dorval High School at any time. It's not just for the Class of '73, but is in honour of the Class of '73. Bring your significant other, or not, your choice (but we need to know how many people will be attending).

People from out of town who aren't staying with friends or relatives can stay at the Sheraton. This is the former Dorval Hilton, the big round building near the airport and Dorval Traffic Circle that's been there forever. It has recently undergone a major renovation. I stayed there a few years ago and it was very nice. When booking your reservation, mention that you are with the Dorval High School reunion. This will ensure you get the group rate. Some people are just staying two nights, some people are staying longer, so you must make your own reservation. I did take the liberty of arranging a block of rooms so we'd get a discount. Make sure you mention you are with the "Dorval High School Reunion," your arrival and departure dates, how many people in your room, and whether you want two beds or one king size bed. You may wish to upgrade to a suite, or have adjoining rooms, or be located near the entrance, or near the pool. These are all your own decisions and I can't possibly keep track of all that.

The hotel offers free shuttle service to and from the airport terminal. I'm going to ask local people to help out with car pooling to the various events, as well we can gather in the lobby and take group cabs. Remember everyone, have a "designated driver!" Some people may wish to rent cars. There are the usual car rental agencies at the airport terminal. The hotel has a fabulous half indoor/half outdoor pool, and 2 acres of grounds, including a bar near the pool. These are great gathering spots in between official events. The hotel also has a gym, a steam room and sauna, and full service spa.

Here's the information for the hotel:
Sheraton Montreal Airport Hotel
555 Boulevard McMillan
Dorval, Quebec H9P 1B7
Tel: (514) 631-2411
Website: http://www.starwoodhotels.com/sheraton/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=3639

Friday, August 30th - Pub Night - Meet 'n' Greet
Brasserie Le Manoir
600 Boulevard St. Jean (St. John's Boulevard)
Pointe Claire
- Everyone pays as they go, whether for or drinks. The food is great.
- Exact times t.b.a. (probably starting around 6:30/7:00 pm)
- Dress: Casual.

Saturday, August 31st - Tour of the School
This is yet to be confirmed, but we are working having the school opened for an hour or so, so we can wander the hallowed halls. The 2007 reunion (Class of '72) did this, and it was great.

Saturday, August 31st - Touch Football Game on Dorval High School Field
We need some volunteers to set this up. Call or email each other, get a group together. Then bring your coolers with ice and beer or soft drinks, and either watch or play! C'mon guys, put something together! Whomever would like to take over this activity and put it together, please let Mona know (monamcc@mts.net).

Saturday, August 31st - Dinner and Dance
- Exact location t.b.a., but will be a local restaurant with liquor license, and hopefully a dance floor. If not, we'll just have to dance on the tables.
- Music will be the best from the years while we were attending Dorval High (1969-1973).
- Each guest will pay for their own meal and drinks.
- Exact times yet to be determined, depending on which restaurant we choose, but likely: cocktails 7:00, dinner 8:00.
- Dress: It's not formal, but c'mon, let's dress up a little. You know, no jeans, no baseball caps. Have some respect for the occasion. Guys maybe think about putting on a tie!

Sunday, September 1st - Sunday Brunch
- Exact location t.b.a., but will be another local restaurant.
- Time: About 1:00 pm, but this will be confirmed later.
- Each guest, again, will pay for their own meal.
- Dress: Casual. Comfortable clothes, sunglasses hats will be permitted for those suffering hangovers.

Note: We are not having any functions at the hotel, as hotel banquet rooms are boring, and the food is usually boring too, and overpriced. Often, hotel banquet rooms don't have the ability for us to have our own music. For those of you who live in Montreal or will be staying with friends or relatives, the hotel has lots of places to hang out before, between and after events, to come meet with those staying there.

Other Impromptu Activities:
I attended the Class of '72 reunion in 2007. Even though I wasn't in that class, I was due for a visit to Montreal, and had friends in that class. We are somewhat following their model, as it worked so well. It was a blast. Some out of town people, such as myself, planned some other impromptu activities after others had gone back home, or were just too tired to carry on. For example, on Monday, we gathered poolside for some exercise and refreshments. On Friday night after Pub Night, and after the Saturday dance, we had late-night swims. And on Sunday night a big group shared a few taxis and went to some classy place in Old Montreal. On Monday afternoon, another lady and I drove to Schwartz's on Boulevard St. Laurent for good old Montreal Smoked Meat. The Dorval Shopping Centre is a close taxi ride away if a few people would like to go shopping. (The old mall hasn't changed much. Miss Montreal hasn't been there in years, and just last week I heard the Dorval Deli is closing after being open over 50 years.) Some may wish to visit the big grocery store at the mall to supply their hotel rooms with "refreshments" and snack food. Chow's and The Satellite on Dorval Avenue are still open (wow), as is Place Tevere.

Missing People:
If you know some of the following people, pass this on to them. They can get in touch with us and let us know their contact information. If you're on Linkedin, use that to find them, ditto with Facebook. Or just Google them. We have over 60 already on our list, and are looking for about 50. Let's find them! And send this to anyone who may be interested - they don't have to be graduates from 1973.

These are the people we haven't yet found and aren't on the mailing list:
Fryer, Cathy, Ken Gatehouse, Debbi Gilmour, Nancy Green, Susan Hargrove, Peter Hemsworth, Larry Herscovitch, Liz Hillyer, Ina Mai Howell, Doug Huber, Eleanor Jamieson, Sandra (Sandi) Jansen Rosenbach (may be living in New York City), Bill Kaatz, Stephan Karoly, Brenda Kemerer, Fiona Kilpatrick (last I heard she was in Alberta and is a doctor), Lisbet Larson, Janet Logan, Glen MacDonald, Alison Malcolm, Margaret Martin, Linda McCargar, Charles McConnell, Suzanne Melville, Patricia Meredith, Steve Mount, Ian Murray, Gay Parkinson, Linda Perry, Mark Phillips, Howard Pike, Bill Price, David Reynolds, Jim Robertson, Ross Stewart, Kim Rowland, Jane Rozzini, Anita Saikkonen, Beth Shaw, Joan Sheppard, Ian Stewart (1), Ian Stewart (2), Kathy Stewart, Reg Suthern, Debbie Toyota, Peter Tyrer, Jeff Van Beekum, Joy Wade, Jim Waterston, Chuck Wells, Ingrid Williams, Rob Williams.

Thank you very much. Again, sorry for the short notice, but those of us who plan to attend are going to have a ball and never regret going! I hope to hear from many of you, and see you in a few months. You will receive updates from time to time as more details become available.

Don't forget to bring or even wear your old DHS purple and gold official sweater, your class ring, DHS Winter Carnival buttons, your old yearbooks, and all that stuff!